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tv   [untitled]    October 12, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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bite with organic goodies. find out more about 18 reasons by going to 18 and learn about buy right market and creamery by going to buy right and don't forget to check out our blog for more info on many of our episodes at sf quick until next time, may the fork be with you. ♪ ♪ >> so chocolaty. mm. ♪ >> oh, this is awesome. oh, sorry. i thought we were done rolling. ♪ >> october 9, 2014, like to remind
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public that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind please silence all electronic devices. that may speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners unfortunately, i'm battling a little bit of a cold i apologize for coughing commissioner president wu commissioner fong commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner hillis first on your agenda is for continuance this is the first case at 815 on 1010 is proposed until october 16, 2014, item two at 1912, 20th street request for discretionary review for december 4th and further on our
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agenda calendar under your discretionary review calendar at 16 through 18 iris after a announced discretionary review is proposed until december 11, 2014, to accommodate an individual dr that was filed recently i voluntary no other items proposed for continuance. >> any public comment on items proposed for continuance? seeing none, any public comment on that item? public comment is closed. >> commissioner antonini move to continue the items one and two to the date specified and item 13 to december 11th. >> do i hear a second. >> second. >> on that motion to continue commissioner antonini commissioner johnson commissioner moore
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commissioner johnck's commissioner fong and commissioner president wu smoement national anthem 6 to zero aplaced you under single roll call vote of the commission. commission, the public, or staff so requests in which event the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 3 for case 20141111 c at 22 discretionary review authorization and item case intention to initiate the department zoning map to rezone a map to pdr one 3 and item 5 case at 2527 request for
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discretionary review authorization - conditional use authorization any public comment for items on the consent calendar? okay seeing none, public comment is closed commissioner antonini yeah. i think i'd like to take mission street off because i have questions about the project seems fine i have questions about the basic policy involved. >> okay. >> very good. >> commissioner fong approve to item 3, 4 and 5. >> and on that motion commissioners to approve item 3 and adapt a resolution for intent off the calendar commissioner antonini
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commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner hillis commissioner fong and commissioner president wu snoement 6 to zero and we'll hear item 5 at the beginning the calendar that place you under commissioners comments and questions. >> commissioner antonini. >> go giants i had one other thing in addition to that the last 6 weeks or so i'm almost at the end i have a daily treatment down at the end of san francisco i come from western san francisco and either return back there or return to mile dental office in hallow my treatment time is like 7:30 and then hit all the traffic coming north i was impressed that
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oyster .4 different routes to get into it not only 101 but avenue brisbane a way coming from south san francisco and go straight and end up open hillside so when i have to go back 80 back to my home it's a quick trip that's instructive for us we have projects are a health department and candle stick point we're emphasizing public transit we have to realize that most people will be coming by car we have to approve the automobile access people have to be able to get in and out of there particularly to revisit the whole concept of not
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allowing traffic over the bridge conceived over yosemite and a bunch of other things a transit issue of right leg landlord/tenant coming directly 0 into that area we've spent a lot of money that on the t line it should be expended to make it fundamental so, anyway i think we can learn from those all around us one of the reasons they have so much development on o stare point is the fact the development came first and i and the access that helps to attract biotech firms to that area they can get in and out. >> commissioner richards. >> i think this is my fifth
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meeting i want to check and get a sense of what the staff talked about on 3 items and when they're when those are the sf businesses presentation and the eastern neighborhood status completion of it possible and mayor's office housing derivative. >> i believe there is a running list that the secretary has i think i saw other than the advance the heritage item is scheduled. >> yes, commissioners we'll certainly add those items to the list the heritage is already calendar on our advance calendar i believe in november and the eastern neighborhood status staff will be getting in
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cracking contact with with maybe a walking tour. >> okay. >> thank you commissioners, if there's nothing further we can move on to depth matters item 7 comments. >> i want to bring to our attention and the publics attention i've received a memo i think last week the changes to our preliminary assessment process if you recall we instituted this program about 3 years ago a process whereby projects above 6 units 5 from the primary project assessment within 60 days the department responses to a letter on the road map for approval the changed we're making for at least a 6 month volume of
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project is to allow project sponsor to submit their you environmental application as the d b.a. application there's a months or 5 or six months waiting period when the application is submitted you can use the p pa as port of the waiting period we also, because of the sheer volume of projects come in we're asking for a 6 month period the staff has 90 days to respond as opposed to 60 gazing days when we start this program we have this side of the aisle applications this year over a one one hundred the
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bottom line to allow the project sponsor while waiting for the letter to be two or three months off the projects for small projects that's significant that concludes my presentation. . >> commissioner. that places you on item 8 the past friend of mine the board of supervisors no preservation he hearing yesterday and although a board of appeals hearing the zoning administrator has invited me he'll provide you personally with the update next week. >> good afternoon aaron starr 10 east at this week's land use committee we've leader the project sponsored by supervisor wiener and supervisor breed this is you providing the arresting cascades in the hate street commercial district that was before this commission on
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september 18th they recommended the mischievous we treat the other arcadia commissions as game arcades to be permitted this commission voted to productive that and the last land use we voted unanimously to remedy the item to the full board and at the land use committee where the amendments to the heath and building codes for the flifrt and establishing of fees sponsored by supervisor cohen is it so related to the amendments to the advanced 1i7b9lation and this commission heard the item and recommended approval to the board supervisor cohen was the introduceer that required the dph fire and staff to elevate policies that meet the performance standards and
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the committee voted pneumatophore the events and other significant comments related to future effort to protect the residents through air pollution excuse me. this pass tuesday two significant event happen in san francisco the giant win over the national to the national championship series and the board of supervisors on the supervisor chiu's short-term rental ordinance and the latter the presentation commissioners you may recall you heard that on august 7th and recommended approval with 16 amendments to be made to the legislation after a 6 hour hearing the board land use committee heard two separate one and made an amendment this week the board members spent 3 and a half hours discussing the
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amendment and in brief the summary of 12 amendments supervisor breed passed her ordinance with the legislation enabling an individual complainant to request an mosaic hearing if they need a hosting platform they'll notify the hosting platform and the other maements amendment was an avenue for certain nonprofits to pursue private right of actions when buildings have had a ellis act eviction they included the interested parties for private lawsuits incorporated into the ordinance and supervisor yee proposed that rh1 and rh1 d district be included from short-term rentals this failed they did rh1 d properties law
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firm to no more than 90 days with a short-term rental and this amendment failed supervisor wiener offered on amendment to allow a quick judgment to the fees and penalty at the commission hearing and mandated that such review happen within 6 months of the operative law it passed and supervisor wiener successfully amended for the carrie's and supervisor mar offend an amendment not to allow short-term rentals this amendment failed supervisor kim offend on amendment that will narrowly file a lawsuit to nonprofits that have exist for 5 years had law schools at purpose of the nonprofit includes protecting housing no damage sought by the nonprofits and that the nonprofits only be
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allowed to pursue private rights of action this was made to the ordinance and supervisor avalos said all hosting and non-hosted will be allowed to be part of the system and it failed and the next amendment failed supervisor campos promoted on amendment no rentals be allowed in building that the screen ellis act evictions this amendment was incorporated into the ordinance as you recall any substantive changes not made by the commission will be sent back for another is commission hamburger it was split for the part of the law to move forward through the protective process the board approved the ordinance you've considered and this will have a
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second reading next week the change of the substantive will be forwarded in 3 months the new board files will have private right of action for supervisor campos prohibition on ellis act this will think scheduled before you later this year finally at the board that was also an ordinance amending the definition of residential unit sponsored sponsored by supervisor avalos he it will sure that sro units will be protected from conversion to student housing you'll here it at september 18th it passed the first reading other than the short-term ordinances nothing else to speak that concludes my presentation. thank you i think that either when we hear the trailing legislation or separately it would be great to
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get open update on enforcement i believe there's a february 2nd reading and the commission has to get ready probable january will be a good time to check in. >> certainly commissioners that places i in general public comment needing a period of 15 minutes at this point the public may address the public to address the members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes i have 2 speaker cards. >> come to the pronounced commenting (calling names). >> residential bar-and-grills association on behalf of our wanting to share a letter with a
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recent letter for a support of two items presented by wade from the plaintiff 13 a in proposing an agreement to the environmental code for to sensitive projects and 13 b the construction ordinance under the direction of the building inspection the departments were rushlgd to form a working group for all rb a working group of 15 after the meetings and hours of dialog an 8 page document was produced to have a pocket of implements for the industry and dbi when i will while the working group recognized that part of the input from fire and other plan check divisions that water we presumed the department was continuing to do outreach
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and modify the documents but unbe xhnth it was presented to the land use committee for approval commissioner staff did not share the desire story you've unwillingly participated in matters to the community the lead person established himself as a point person for the entire process and emancipation proclamation set up the meetings and solicited the feedback and the sole condo duty for all information the working group had no point of contract the staff moved ahead and presented a document that upper lead to building had evans support it may not have been opposition present but there are ways to comply with the legislation the working group had no knowledge
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that the item was to be heard and even moved in the process no one participated in the public comment item departments staff and your interaction with staff is on the ordinance that will have public projects only as he knows it applies to all project see it defined for residential use within the air pollutant endorse zone we're proposed to the leasing to have the matter of the size and scope of the works to mail notification and poster signage and monitored for thirty days as someone volunteering their time one would expect an e-mail we ask you have a level of participation and allow the
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staff the same time i have a copy of the letter and the 8 page document that the group is working on. >> thank you. next speaker. >> john hope our feeling better no, no time good morning. >> energy leadership part 4 our t department is showing you up we've had aren't and students and metal sculpture and architect and union and labor itself and politicians principles, school teachers, score players and basketball courts today, we're having a tea party etch is invited and even though tea party will commerce about metropolitan we'll take
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tours for exploration and discuss sustainability and waste reduction and ratios of public open space and metrics and statistics from world known privilege it and additionally a beverage today, we're going to have a tea party everyone is invite we're not drinking gray we're drinking a main tea matt at that consumed by miles of folks in south american countries like southern brazil and argentina and chile it has caffeine levels even if coffee viemdz a, b, c, and d and a couple of health benefits including linked to a reduction
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of cardio disease yet those are not on interesting part of the tea and on delay on the back of the package and online the by drinking the tea this is a pound of the tea and a pound of a tea 8 hundred and 75 carbons are reduced and then paging and transportation including this colorful green packaging 82 grams is in the atmosphere this is seaport and processing point the seaport to seaport solely presuming that adds 82 grams and we're 4re68 left with 8 hundred and 72 grams after the tea is in
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distribution tyler's tea in the back good for you if you want to start feeling better. >> thank you additional general public comment? >> may i give this ami anastasia i want to talk about natural areas program and significant natural areas management stand which will come for our approval sometimes after the election i don't know which one revolution it's a program and plan you might know you probably know that the plan is to cart 18 thousand plus natural
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trees in san francisco and the program uses harmful herbicides so i will read from the article it's a may article kind of old from a just san francisco supervisors clinton cob san francisco leafs an virtual sensitive imagine in san francisco so few trees waste tax dollars to demolish the trees and an accountable increase in the defined science but the 6 - city brurts squanderer millions
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of dollars for the trees rec and park natural a started the 1995 to preserve smaller elements and for the 49 square miles city this report has vanished this program has eir balcony used for the native plants in so-called natural areas i will skip even the landscapes during the brown months lie you dormant of one thousand one hundred acres and in smaller paperwork and that is an available space for recreation the lands vefrj and
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manager will use some of the is toxic herbicides on the project the significant resource management plan and environmental report process includes the full acts 18 thousand 5 hundred trees are destroyed thank you. >> is there any additional public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> commissioners that places you under our regular calendar item 5 was pulled off the content we'll take that up now for case 2014 at 2527 request for conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon, commissioners erica from the plaintiff you have before you a request for conditional use
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authorization to construct a new 3 story medical services building it will contain $6,000 do 8 hundred square feet for a medical office it will be able to locate if it was only constructing 8 hundred 50 thousand square feet the project meets all the respiratory and be locally owned that services the neighborhood it will fill a vacant lot and encourages people to be in the area there the staff recommend approval the conditional use authorizati the conditional use authorization. >> do you wish to make a presentation?
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>> good afternoon one correction it is an open anyone else office i'm an eye surgeon practicing in the city for 16 years i've been going to the mission district one day of each and taking care of my patient i have my sickest patient who need the most eye care our on millions building was purchased by folks and it was taxi over i decided to take over this vacant land to put something there to serve the people so long as i'm no practice and hopefully have something for the neighborhood that last. >> thank you. >> good morning. i'm the architect for the project


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